The S.W.E.E.T. Technique ™

The S.W.E.E.T. Technique ™ is a reality-based self-defense training course that integrates a holistic training approach with self-defense and crime prevention education. This course teaches awareness, crime avoidance techniques designed to heighten public awareness with effective mental and physical tactics to promote safety and decrease crimes against women. 


Hard Candy Women's Self Defense is awesome. She [Nia] does an excellent job and she is very informative and thorough. This is truly a great course.

Alyssa, SC

I believe that every woman and female teen should never feel powerless or be without the tools that can make them powerful, you will be powerful with Hard Candy. Hard candy organization is the best out there, from the training, weapons (stun guns, jab sticks, etc) professionalism, and customer service. I highly recommend.

Anisa, FL

Hard Candy Women's Self Defense has made a difference in how I carry myself in every situation. I am more enlightened and aware of the precautionary measures I should take to ensure my safety. Thank You Hard Candy Women's Self Defense for making an impact in my life. 

Monique, SC

REGISTER for Parking Lot Crime Prevention & Safety

This training is open to the public REGARDLESS of fitness level, age, or physical capabilities. Learn how to identify, assess, and avoid potential threats in the parking lot when shopping, leaving/entering your home or vehicle.