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You may attend this seminar to apply for your South Carolina Concealed Carry Permit OR simply as a refresher on the laws and legal aspects for the justified use of deadly force.

We teach an INTIMIDATION-FREE, SLED approved Concealed Carry Permit course taught by U.S Navy Veteran and Certified SLED Instructor Nia Hartsfield. 

Application for the South Carolina Concealed Weapons permit qualifies you to legally carry a handgun concealed or open on your person in the state of South Carolina + 22 state. Live Fire Qualification WILL BE Required to CERTIFY FOR YOUR SC CWP PERMIT:

You will be *REQUIRED to attend Range Day  if you intend to certify and obtain your South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit.  *Law Enforcement and Veterans Exempt*

*Eligibility Requirements to qualify for the South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit:

  • A Positive Attitude
  • You must be legally authorized to possess a firearm (No felonies, dishonorable discharges, domestic violence charges)
  • You must be a South Carolina resident (or qualified non-resident, we can help you if you need to determine if you are a qualified non-resident)
  • You must be 21 years of age and legally eligible to possess a firearm under South Carolina Law (please contact us if you have a question concerning this requirements)
  • Proof of VALID Government-issued photo ID
  • Copy of Form DD214 *if applicable.
  • Upon successful completion of the seminar you will be issued a certificate of training to certify for your South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.